Fall/Winter Fashion Looks

Hello World! Its been AGES! I know i haven’t posted here in awhile and thats because i’ve been so busy with my business and family life! So i thought i should just take some time out and post a few fall fashion looks/ideas for this fall.

It seems like this fall there is a lot of leather and animal prints and i absolutely love animal prints! But also neutral shads like beige work out great too! Who says you have to wear dark colors just because its fall!

My Favourite look! I'll definitely try and recreate this look!

My Favourite look! I’ll definitely try and recreate this look!




A pop of color is great for Fall

A pop of color is great for Fall








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Outfit Of The Day





~ Top: Marshalls ~ Skirt: Forever 21 (old) ~ Shoes: BCBG (thrit store find) (old) ~ Jewelry: (old)

My Debut

Hi folks. So I’ve been debating whether to put up a photo of the lady behind Efyah’s Closet a.k.a moi…. and here I am folks! My name is Christine and Efyah comes from my daughters Ghanaian name. I live in Seattle and I’m just a lady who loves life, fashion and everything in between. First comes God, then my family and everything else falls instep there after. I’ll do my best to post more photos of my outfits here on the blog. I basically live in sweats and PJ’s all day and hardly dress up but will do more outfit posts for ya’ll.

Have a blessed rest of the week!




Blazer: H&M
Top: Marshalls
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Marc Fisher (old)
Jewelry: Old

Spring Fashion

So spring is here! Well at least for today it felt like spring was here. It was 69 degrees and for Seattle that is HOT! Anyways back to spring fashion…

Spring seems to be full of floral, monochromatic colors, pastels, and lace as well. I’ve seen a lot of neon, pastel blues and pinks, and a lot of floral apparel. Personally I’m not drawn to floral or neon but for the sake of fashion I may try them. You have to remember that at they end of the style fashion is way of expressing yourself. Trends come and go and what remains is your own personal style and fashion. I’m drawn to classy, timeless designs but I’m not afraid to try out trends once in a while.

Here is a slideshow of a  few spring fashion inspirations I would definitely rock!


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How to be a fashionista

Lately I’ve been obsessed with becoming a fashionista!! It might sound crazy to others but to me, I don’t want to be left behind when it comes to fashion. I’ve never been a fashionista and if you happen to see me in the streets, you’d think I’m a homeless person!!

Like every women, I love to dress up and look like a runway model but as a mother, I have little time and patience to chase my daughter in uncomfortable clothes and shoes!!

Here are some tips that i got from a blog/site called all women’s talk. The tips shared are a great way to embrace the fashionista in you.

1. Get Inspired

A fashionista doesn’t just come up with these outfits by chance; she is constantly taking inspiration from others. From online blogs, designer fashion shows, pop culture, even the people you see on the streets – inspiration is everywhere if you just look. Incorporating the trends and fashions you see on the runway with your own style is one of the key tips on how to be a fashionista.

2. Be Confident

Confidence is the number one accessory to wear as a fashionista. No one will appreciate your outfit unless you appreciate it yourself. If you believe you look good, others will believe it to. Walk tall, stand proud, and make sure everyone knows that you know you’re fabulous. Remember, for a fashionista, every sidewalk is a runway.

3. You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot

You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. Hit up a thrift store or even your friend’s closet to save some money. When it comes to tips on how to be a fashionista, it’s not about the price tag attached to the clothing, it’s about how you feel when you wear it!

4. Mix And Match

One of the things I admire about fashionistas is their ability to mix and match. Not just different prints and patterns, but styles also. They can look sweet and tough at the same time. They also have the ability to wear two completely contrasting and random patterns at the same time, yet still make it look incredible.

5. Take It outside Your Wardrobe

Being a fashionista doesn’t limit you to your clothing. Decorate your room to reflect your new found fashionista style. Hang up covers of your favorite fashion magazines and display your accessories and clothes outside of your wardrobe to inspire your fashion sense every day.

6. Get Creative

This is somewhat obvious, but get creative with your outfits. Try something new all the time, and incorporate a style you wouldn’t normally try. Creativity is one of the key tips on how to become a fashionista. You can’t be too bold and if something doesn’t look right at the beginning, tweak it until it’s fabulous.

7. Have Fun

You should find it fun to go shopping and try on new outfits, Clothes should be a way to express yourself and you should have fun with everything you do involving clothing. That goes double for shoes and accessories, by the way.


Have these tips on how to become a fashionista helped you out? What is your favorite thing about being a fashionista?


Photos Courtesy of Pinterest

Article from and Shared via allwomenstalk

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