Fall/Winter Fashion Looks

Hello World! Its been AGES! I know i haven’t posted here in awhile and thats because i’ve been so busy with my business and family life! So i thought i should just take some time out and post a few fall fashion looks/ideas for this fall.

It seems like this fall there is a lot of leather and animal prints and i absolutely love animal prints! But also neutral shads like beige work out great too! Who says you have to wear dark colors just because its fall!

My Favourite look! I'll definitely try and recreate this look!

My Favourite look! I’ll definitely try and recreate this look!




A pop of color is great for Fall

A pop of color is great for Fall








All Photos Courtesy of Pinterest

Summer Outfits

Its been awhile since I last posted on here. Life has been busy for me but I looking forward to getting back to blogging.

Here are some outfits that I think are great for summer! I like my Summer outfits flowy, simple and fun! Maxi skirts with crop tops are in right now plus they flatter any body type! Here is a selection I think is great for this summer.


Personal favorite!







Photos Courtesy Of Pinterest

2014 Africa Fashion Week Nigeria – Ade Bakare

2014-Africa-Fashion-Week-Nigeria-Ade-Bakare-May-2014-BellaNaija.com-01002-399x600 2014-Africa-Fashion-Week-Nigeria-Ade-Bakare-May-2014-BellaNaija.com-01004-399x600 2014-Africa-Fashion-Week-Nigeria-Ade-Bakare-May-2014-BellaNaija.com-01021-399x600 2014-Africa-Fashion-Week-Nigeria-Ade-Bakare-May-2014-BellaNaija.com-01027-399x600 2014-Africa-Fashion-Week-Nigeria-Ade-Bakare-May-2014-BellaNaija.com-01031-399x600 2014-Africa-Fashion-Week-Nigeria-Ade-Bakare-May-2014-BellaNaija.com-01033-399x600 2014-Africa-Fashion-Week-Nigeria-Ade-Bakare-May-2014-BellaNaija.com-01046-399x600 2014-Africa-Fashion-Week-Nigeria-Ade-Bakare-May-2014-BellaNaija.com-01051-399x600


To view more photos from this designer, visit  Bella Naija.

Photos courtesy of Bella Naija

African Prints in Fashion

Amazing creations and designs from Ghanaian designer Pistis’ Spring/Summer 2014 collections

















Photos courtesy of Bella Naija




Outfit Of The Day





~ Top: Marshalls ~ Skirt: Forever 21 (old) ~ Shoes: BCBG (thrit store find) (old) ~ Jewelry: (old)

Thoughts of the Day

I hope ya’ll have been having a great day! I had great days this week filled with sunshine and lots of love!
I’m on a journey that’s making me discover who i am and what my purpose is in life! Its a journey of self discovery that i must say is amazing. I’ve had low self-esteem, insecurities, and no confidence for a long time and it was just weighing me down and depressing me. I realized that all those around me love me for me who i am and God put me on this earth for a reason and therefore i should dust off my insecurities and just enjoy life! We can only inspire ourselves.

Three things that i live by are;

1. Prayer:- I call it ‘talking’ rather then praying because i see God as my friend. So i have conversations with him and in return he reveals amazing things in my life.

2. Love:- Love is such an amazing power! It is so profound that we sometimes don’t know that all we do in our lives is out of Love. Saying hello to a stranger, saying thank you and being kind is all what Love is all about.

3. Happiness:- Waking up each morning ad being grateful for yet another day brings happiness and so many blessings. Being surrounded my the people i love makes my world a better place.

Therefore, go out and enjoy life. Surround yourself with loved ones, things that make you happy, places that make you happy and just savor each moment that life brings. Remember everything happens for a reason good or bad.

With lost of love…

Happy Mothers Day

I hope you guys have taken the time to thank and appreciate your mothers this mothers day! Appreciating our mothers should not be done on a specific day but regularly checking up on her and telling her you love her will mean the world to her. Mothers are very special and if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here on this earth. For God has blessed a women with the ability to give birth which all in its self is an amazing thing, we should take the time to appreciate this in our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters.

Being a mother myself has taught me so many things. The most that i appreciate about being a mother is the unconditional love i have for my daughter and how just her little smile makes me feel all warm and gooey inside!

I wish you all a Happy Mothers Day


Image from Google

What is going on with Rihanna?

Man o man is Rihanna making news this week with her photos featured on a Brazilian magazine! What in the hell made her think taking nude photos was the best thing for her career??!!! Granted shes got ALOT of fans and is a fashion Icon but jeez couldn’t she at least put some clothes on! If you haven’t seen them already, here are some of the photos! What do you guys think? Will this make or break her career/image?

download (1)

download (2)


All photos are from Google

My Debut

Hi folks. So I’ve been debating whether to put up a photo of the lady behind Efyah’s Closet a.k.a moi…. and here I am folks! My name is Christine and Efyah comes from my daughters Ghanaian name. I live in Seattle and I’m just a lady who loves life, fashion and everything in between. First comes God, then my family and everything else falls instep there after. I’ll do my best to post more photos of my outfits here on the blog. I basically live in sweats and PJ’s all day and hardly dress up but will do more outfit posts for ya’ll.

Have a blessed rest of the week!




Blazer: H&M
Top: Marshalls
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Marc Fisher (old)
Jewelry: Old

Chic Work Outfits

I don’t know about you, but Im not a fan of suites. I find them dull and boring. However you can mix up suites and make them fashionable by adding a pop of color to your outfits.

When it comes to work outfits you don’t want to look overdressed or that you are trying too hard. Instead you want to look put together, polished and sophisticated without over doing it.

I believe in having work outfits that are fun and fashionable yet conservative at the same time. Here are some looks that I think are great for work and can be dressed up or down depending on how you are feeling.













Photos courtesy of Pinterest

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