Personal Hygiene

OK ladies (and gents), I think it’s time we discussed a little about personal hygiene.  We ladies like to put on make up,  have great hair, go to the gym and just look good but we don’t take the time to take care of our personal hygiene! 

I’ve known and met people who on the outside look real good but once you get close to them, you start smelling some awful fishy smells! Yikes!

1. First and foremost taking a bath everyday should be an essential part of your personal hygiene. There are myths that taking a bath every day leaves your skin dry and flaky; this is not true especially if you use lotions and moisturizers after your bath.

2. Putting on deodorant is something that everyone should do. If you have any allergies,  try and make your own homemade deodorant that will help with the allergies and inflammation


3. Last but not least, ladies there is an essential wash that can be used to wash our lady parts. The products I like using the most is Summers Eve. Their washes and wipes are great for sensitive skin and work great with balancing our Ph levels. Not only will they keep you clean but they’ll keep u smelling fresh and the wipes are convenient for when you are on the go.


These are my tips for taking care of your personal hygiene. What are some of the products you guys recommend?

All photos courtesy of Google


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