Cosmetic Surgery

This is a little off topic but I thought it would be interesting to talk about.

I came across an Instagram image of the latest cosmetic craze known as the brazilian butt lift. To be honest I was in awe of the transformations I saw. So basically a brazilian butt lift is when they take fat out of your body and inject it back into your behind (buttocks). This gives the appearance of a small waist and round buttocks.

Here I was thinking all these photos of women I see with small waists and round behinds was from exercising and lots of squats! But apparently you can just pop into the doctors office and come out looking like you’ve been working out hard! This really puts me off because here I am working out so hard and eating healthy to look good naked and apparently there is a ONE time procedure that can be done to make it look like a super model!

Question is, is this procedure safe? There has been people who have been fooled into botched plastic surgery and they come out disfigured. Is this how we as women, mothers, sisters in today’s world portray how we should look like to our daughters? There is no harm in altering your body but I think there is a limit. What do you think?

**if you’d like to see images or know more about this procedure feel free to Google it. I personally didn’t want to put up the images.

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